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Eating your way to good health and youthful vitality

"Since I started taking your product I feel better all over and it shows. My friends keep asking me, what is your secret?"
Betty Thomas
"I can't get over how soft my hair and fingernails have become, thank you so much."
Carol Jennings
"My doctor can't believe my bad cholesterol dropped 30 points in just 42 days, your product sure makes dieting a lot easier."
Alan Biegler

I've been a farmer and livestock producer for over thirty years and I really know the importance of a balanced diet for plants and animals. I tell my friends it's easy to keep livestock healthy through proper nutrition, but people are a whole different ballgame. People used to eat more raw vegetables and whole grains but somewhere got off track and now our health problems show it. If you are concerned about the risks of cancer, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, or arthritis, you need to take control of your health through exercise and a low fat, low cholesterol diet.

Solution to the customers problem:

FlaxThe American Heart Association Recognizes Health Benefits of Flaxseed.

December 15, 2000. VANCOUVER, Canada.

Everyone knows the importance of eating a healthy diet but not everyone knows how easy it is to translate the talk into nutritious meals. Many, no doubt, will be surprised to learn the truth of the old adage about good things in small packages, as researchers once again taut the health benefits of consuming a very small seed, flax.

The American Heart Association (AHA) has released a scientific statement and dietary guidelines for healthcare professionals in which it notes the beneficial effects of adding flaxseed and flaxseed oil to an individual's diet.

The AHA publication states that "a growing body of evidence indicates that foods rich in the omega-3 fatty acid alpha-linolenic acid reduce the risk of myocardial infarction and fatal ischemic heart disease in women."

In addition, the statement notes that several recent studies have demonstrated beneficial effects of alpha-linolenic acid on both coronary disease and mortality patients with the disease. "Because of the beneficial effects of omega-3 fatty acid on risk of coronary artery disease as well as other diseases such as inflammatory and autoimmune diseases, the current intake, which is generally low, should be increased."


Lignans are phytoestrogens, which may play a role in preventing cancers of the breast, endometrium and prostate. Lignans are found in most unrefined grains (barley, buckwheat, millet and oats), soybeans, and some vegetables (broccoli, carrots, cauliflower and spinach). But flaxseed is the richest source of lignans. Remember, flaxseed oil won't work, because oil does not contain phytoestrogens, the plant form of estrogen. Also, you must grind the flaxseeds; if you don't, the whole seeds will simply pass through your digestive system.


Flaxseed contains both soluble and insoluble fiber. Studies show that the soluble fiber in flaxseed, like fiber found in oat bran and fruit pectin, can help lower cholesterol and help regulate blood sugar levels. Insoluble fiber aids in digestion by increasing bulk, reducing the time that waste remains in the body, and preventing constipation. These characteristics may help protect against colon cancer.

Omega-3 fatty acids

Flaxseed contains alpha-linolenic acid, which is both an essential fatty acid and an omega-3 fatty acid. Omega-3 fatty acids act as a natural anticoagulant by altering the ability of platelets in your blood to clump together. The platelets will become less sticky, so clot formation is less likely. Blood clots that form in narrowed arteries increase your risk of a heart attack or stroke.

Improving your health is a long-term process and you cannot expect immediate results, but if you don't feel you have improved your health and vigor after taking our product for thirty days, simply return the unused portion and you will be mailed a refund.

The small, yellow flaxseeds have a nutty taste. And by simply incorporating them into your diet, you can add a tasty twist to routine foods and dishes. Sprinkle the ground seed over cereals, salads, yogurt, or add to your favorite fruit juice. Remember. To keep your system heart healthy and to prevent certain forms of cancer (colon or breast), you need 25 to 30 grams of fiber everyday! One-fourth cup of our Omega flax will provide you with over eleven grams of that necessary fiber. Your health is important to you and us.

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